Monday, February 21, 2011

Palin Braves Long Island

At a forum known for hosting presidents and national leaders, in Blue New York, Sarah Palin sat down with a skeptical crowd and knocked it out of the park.

What did the press report? Well, they may have given a tiny nod to her substantive performance but what were the headers?
Governor Palin talked about the economy, the deficit, government spending, gun control, the environment, the rising cost of food, energy, Egypt and other foreign policy related issues. What did those who were all excited about all those supposed firsts by Governor Palin, decide to run with as their headlines? Let’s have a look shall we?

To name just a few:

CNN: “Palin talks 2012, mocks Michelle Obama”

Ben Smith: “Palin knocks breastfeeding initiative”

ABC News: “Sarah Palin on the First Lady: No Wonder She’s Telling People to Breast Feed, Price of Milk Too High”

Pioneer Press: “Palin follows Bachmann, criticizes Michelle Obama over breast-feeding”

Huffington Post: “Sarah Palin Bats Michelle Obama Breastfeeding Initiative”

It would have been one thing had it been true that Governor Palin actually mocked, knockedor batted the First Lady. As it turns out, not only did the media pick the most irrelevant part of the interview to run with but they also completely faked a controversy.

Interestingly, she's continually won major polls from the base, but you wouldn't know it from the press coverage, or even some conservative sites.
Tammy Bruce
Girl Wins, Panic Ensues MT @ Yesterday Lowry was pimping NR poll; 2day he shut it down, no mention of results
Full Long Island video here. One of her great strengths is her honesty. That's what America is hankering for these days.

P.S. The Iron Dog race has started, with Todd Palin's team 11 running.

P.P.S. Heh. And this IBD/TIPP poll:

Most Americans (55%), however, think media coverage of Palin has not been fair and objective.

Only 37% say it's been fair. That most Republicans (70%) see bias is no surprise, but a majority of independents (56%) agree.[snip]

In summary, Americans do not believe President Obama has moved to the center, one of the factors behind the polarization in the country is the media's liberal ideology, and Americans believe Sarah Palin and the Tea Party are two of the casualties of that ideology.

I would imagine after America's witnessing the events in Wisconsin this week the numbers are moving even more in the Tea Party, Palin direction.


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