Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mad City judge returns from vacation, inserts self again

Oh yeah, she had said she needed more time to consider whether the passage of the bill violated the open meetings act, then went on vacation. Now she's baaaack, and still hasn't ruled on the merits (such as they are NOT) The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

This Secretary of State business reminds me of the Illinois posturing about seating seedy Dem Sen. Roland Burris, using process to evade common sense. This is how the leftie-leaning legal profession strikes many of us these days. I thank God that after my acceptance at UW law school years ago, when I was still a wavering liberal, I got a private sector job offer and never looked back.

Another reason to eliminate Secretaries of State. (Isn't that how corrupt IL GOP Gov. Ryan ascended?) And eliminate process, if it means you have to publish laws in the MSM for them to take effect. Why should they have so much power vested in them?

An interesting split among law profs at Marquette. One agrees with Judge SEIU Sumi. The other:
Richard Esenberg said he was not surprised by the ruling but criticized the judge.

"There is applicable Supreme Court precedent that a court has no authority to enjoin the publication of a law," he said. "The state has repeatedly cited that law to her and as far as I know she has not only failed to explain herself about why she feels she has the authority, she hasn't even acknowledged there is an issue. That just leaves me speechless."

Esenberg was referring to a 1943 state Supreme Court opinion that said courts could not interfere with legislation until it is published and becomes law.

According to the JS the Assistant Attorney General says the law is absolutely still in effect.

As for the public sector unions and their ally Dem WI Secretary of State LaFollette, struck inarticulate by the TEA party, I will quote his famous relative, Fighting Bob:
"Free men of every generation must combat renewed efforts of organized force and greed to destroy liberty."
P.S. There's an election coming up for Wisconsin state Supreme Court, which may well be pivotal. Donate to the TEA Party Express. Legal Insurrection: Help get this ad on the air in Wisconsin: More: (NY Times. Another dead tree leftie gatekeeper) Walker posts op-ed that Times didn't publish

Memeorandum thread here. Linked, thanks.

More at Nice Deb: Tea Partiers need to keep on fighting. Michael Barone rallies us to get the message out:
Respondents become more favorable to Walker's position when informed that public employees are paid 45 percent more than private-sector union members and that union dues have been automatically deducted and go to support candidates workers may not favor.
We need to keep up the momentum so we can break the union chokehold in other states. In Illinois Chicago public union clout holds the rest of the state hostage. We're bankrupt and in decline.

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