Tuesday, March 15, 2011

More Illinois Chicanery. Redistricting

Since Dem Gov. Quinn won by a few thousand votes from reason-challenged suburban voters he and his cronies get to redistrict the state after a census showing Chicago back to 1920 levels.

We already have one of the most bizarre districts in the country, created for Luis Apartments Gutierrez.

The Illinois Constitution calls for "compact" districts. It doesn't mean compacts between "racial and language minorities", but when has a reverence for the law ever been an issue in Illinois.

Other national news.
What accounts for the state's success? Dakotans didn't bet the farm, so to speak, on solar cells, high-density housing or high-speed rail. Taxes are moderate—the state ranks near the middle in terms of tax per capita, according to the Tax Foundation—and North Dakota is a right-to-work state, which makes it attractive to new employers, especially in manufacturing. But the state's real key to success is doing the first things first—such as producing energy, food and specialized manufactured goods for which there is a growing, world-wide market. This is what creates the employment and wealth that can support environmental protection and higher education.

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pathickey said...

Good one Anne, Jowly Roger was not read by Chicagoans for years here and remains a singular . . .bore.