Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Walker WSJ Op-Ed Up:)

You gotta love this guy. I heart Scott Walker:) Why I'm Fighting in Wisconsin We can avoid mass teacher layoffs and reward our best performers. But we have to act now.

...My first Scott Walker post last May. Running for governor. Running rings around the Dems.

Let me see if I have this right, Dems ran away to Illinois, and now complain they were in Illinois when vote taken?

More. Are you paying attention Gov. Quinn, Mr. President?
James Pethokoukis
It begins, America >>>Bond guru Bill Gross "eliminated government-related debt from his flagship fund."
Paul Ryan
Charting a Path to Prosperity: - Americans deserve better than empty promises from a govt going broke
More updates on my twitter. Livestream here. Althouse here.
Jessica Arp
Riesling: The senate and assembly are out of session and left the bldg. there are no hearings/listening sessions ongoing.

The assembly takes up the bill tomorrow at 11 am. God willing safe passage. Then it goes to Gov. Walker to sign.

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