Wednesday, March 09, 2011

WI SenDem Requested Absentee Ballot Sent to Illinois


Who was it? Lena Taylor.

Thanks to this bill — which doesn’t touch any of the civil service protections afforded public workers, nor any private-sector unions — public sector workers will have a choice over whether to join a union. Thanks to this bill, public workers who elect not to join a union won’t be forced to pay dues anyway. Thanks to this bill, elected officials won’t be negotiating away taxpayer dollars the people who finance their campaigns. So, naturally, the Democrats call it the the undoing of fifty years of “civil rights.”
*** Josh Barro
by robport
I repeat: this law gives WI employees more bargaining rights than federal workers. Obama is a "union buster" too.

...You know if the TEA partiers had invaded and crammed the halls of the US Capitol like this the MSM and the left would be screaming Reichstag Fire

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