Sunday, April 03, 2011

Big O administration: It's not just what you say...

OK, folks, what do you think the rest of this sentence is?

I'm reading along and my mind's kind of on autopilot and I fill it in, then read the print:
"We wanted to make the point that this was not an Iraq-like war engagement," said the official. "The commitment was limited in duration and scope, and so the ways in which you deliver that message help convey it. It's not just what you say but how you say it."
Isn't this just emblematic of this administration?

Look--he said Gaddafi must go weeks ago--then hid. Since then he has vacillated, and that's being kind.

The BIG O, foreign and domestic.

P.S. Via RCP: Obama’s energetic war on the young. Naive college kids don’t realize that big-government servitude awaits:
President Obama needs to reinvent reality, so where does he go? A college campus. And why not? With gas doubling in price toward $4 a gallon, what better place to talk energy than to backpacking cyclists at trendy, urban Georgetown University? It’s a far friendlier crowd than, say, one composed of truckers, commuters or laid-off workers.
And via the Instapundit, this graph once again: ...Kind of an upside-down rainbow logo, wouldn't you say?

The young and disaffected independents provided his margin of victory last time. Will they be there for him in 2012? And will blacks come out in unprecedented numbers after years and years of Dem urban "renewal" has kept them down?

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