Friday, April 22, 2011

Dinosaurs in the White House! We've seen the movie before

I've tried to explain it as a leftist, elitist milieu--from Punahou to Columbia to Hyde Park, raised by a Commie mommie and grandpa, with the "typical white person" grandma dismissed. As a young man and adult Barack Obama deliberately chose radical friends and sought an Alinsky community organizing career path.

But this gets at the bubble he lives in, as well as the time warp. Sarah Hoyt, Jurassic President:
I’ve read discussions about President Obama for the last two years — is he a villain or a fool? Both or neither?

The answers vary and make for heated debate, but sooner or later we have to admit neither covers all facts. For instance, neither villain nor fool covers his odd, time-displaced “Sputnik” moments: his obsession with unionized labor, or his fascination with trains, or his commitment to the SALT treaty, or his view of Cleveland as a cutting edge technological center, or his odd certainty that cars getting eight miles per gallon throng our highways.

All through the last two years, I’ve been sure this was all a movie I’d seen before. I was right.
Well, how does this one end? One term, so help us God.

P.S. Things get complicated as Obama's allies get in each other's way. Newsalert: Senator Graham Puts Heat on William Daley and NLRB: Daley's Ties to Boeing Becomes An Issue

P.P.S. Obama gets in his own way. Jonah Goldberg: The Unhappy President.

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