Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ryan Reaction. And Joe the Biden Falls Asleep (Videos)*Daley Reaction:)

Update with hilarious photo via Drudge. Bill Daley looks upset. Geithner is trying not to laugh.*The president's speech. Initial reaction, more via RCP. Ryan:Rep. Paul Ryan Slams Obama: Speech Was "Excessively Partisan"

And the mercifully silent Biden:Biden Falls Asleep During Obama Budget Speech? (Obama's designated point man for negotiations)

"Poisoning wells" was an effective metaphor, casting Barack Obama as both politically and economically toxic.

And Ryan's repeated emphasis on Obama's partisanship -- and the poor manners of inviting senior Republican congressmen to a speech in which Obama all but called them baby-and-granny-killers -- is the first step on a long road toward restoring in voters' minds the view of the GOP as a party of ideas versus the Democrats as a party of tired, old, mindless redistribution.
Maybe our Veep. A big improvement

More, from across the political spectrum: Pitiful, a waste of breath. Obama's Deceit.

All I can say is WTF.

P.S. As Sen. Coburn (R-OK), a doctor and member of the bipartisan Senate gang of six, said after the speech, the president's solution on Medicare is to ration it. Let's review the Ryan plan, in the face of our president's rank dishonesty: Look--clearly he started his reelection campaign early rather than engage substantively on these crushing issues. He's made a decision to demagogue. Today he was demagogue in chief, and he demonized Paul Ryan. Very in character for this president. WTF

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