Wednesday, April 13, 2011

This is what Paul Ryan gets and Barack Obama does not: The scale of those unfunded entitlement liabilities is shocking. Around $100 trillion

Kevin Williamson, NRO: The president’s deficit-reduction speech was a flop.

He started out talking like Rush for two sentences and then blathered on and on, ending with a call to patriotism to let our country fall off a cliff.

It's a sunny day here, I'm going to walk my dog and get the hell away from that bad taste.

...All he did was talk about the weather.

...Barack Obama has seriously PO'd a majority of the country...watching the Republicans' presser now. Ryan: Thought the president was going to offer an olive branch---He has not built bridges he has poisoned the well.

Fred Barnes: Obama Sinks to the Occasion. No hope, no change:
President Obama always lets you down. Just when you think he’s ready to deliver a lofty speech chocked with specifics on handling the spending and debt emergency, he offers up a hyper-partisan attack on the leading Republican proposal, gives practically no details of his own plan, and then sanctimoniously puts himself on the side of preserving “the American dream for future generations.”

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