Monday, April 18, 2011

That TEA Party Thing in Daley Plaza, Chicago, IL. And Two Stickers on a Pickup

I think it was Herman Cain who said that earlier on we were all accused of being raaacists, but now legacy media asks him, "what about that TEA Party thing, do you think it will last?"

Anne Leary
StellarJoeWalshRT @: TeaParty Congressman Scolds Christiane Amanpour and Media for Not Criticizing Obama More
Walsh spoke again today:
Anne Leary
RepJoeWalsh(R-IL)TEAParty:):the presoftheUS ought to be ashamed of himself...://

Anne Leary
Rep Joe Walsh (R IL) ...the president of the US is destroying everything that made this country great
There he is in the crowd before his speech. With the election in November, Illinois now has a majority Republican delegation, but the state government is dominated by Chicago Machine Dems. The Illinois Policy Institute circulated a petition to overturn the draconian (yes, it's legit to use that word) Illinois tax hikes. Defining one of the big issues for the 2012 election, Dr. Arie Friedman pointed out doctors are with us, 60% realize that ObamaCare will make healthcare worse, an insurer details the Big ObamaCare pitfalls, and one young man asked: where's MY waiver?

Winding down I noticed this tweet, and recalled what I saw heading to the rally:
Anne Leary
Sooner Illinois:) RT @: Knee Slapper of the Day: WH Thinks Texas is in Play in 2012.

Anne Leary
On the way to Chicago TaxDay TeaParty: Two stickers on a pickup. Chicago Fire Dept pipes and drums, and NOPE
So about that TEA Party thing...keep the faith, folks:) Despite all the apple polishers that give us a first-class belly ache.

My favorite pix from the rally, this grandma, with a sign featuring her grandkids:
Because that's what it's all about.

Will update with more photos in the next post:) [On Flickr. The set here]

"If (Santelli) wanted to know how it feels to be treated like a god on Earth, all he needs to do is show up on Monday," said Steve Stevlic, director of the Chicago Tea Party Patriots. "We will put him on our shoulders and carry him around the city."
HT Steve Bartin. We are fighting for the city of big shoulders. Sandburg would be proud.

P.P.S. How interesting that we didn't have any counterprotesters this year, unlike last year. And how really interesting that in Madison the counterprotesters numbered at least one apparent member of the Chicago Police Dept. Shown on video threatening blogger and UW law professor Ann Althouse. When I looked at the raw video Saturday on her site I noticed the Chicago White Sox jacket. This guy was right next to them. Golly gee.


Paul, just this guy, you know? said...

Sorry I missed you there!

Anne said...

Yeah, me too. I circulated for a while, then planted myself by the stage to tweet:)

It was a pretty good turnout for such a cold day I thought.