Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dem New Tone. Smart Politics! New Democratic Mediscare Ad: Paul Ryan is Going to Push Grandma Off a Cliff

TWS. (Who came up with this, Jan Schakowsky? Clearly the Dem brain trust)

More reaction at HotAir.

Dems must really think they're going to get shellacked (oh yeah worse than we thought) if they're putting this kind of nutso stuff out so early.

Ryan's plan is based on the plan Congress has. It is reform, but it doesn't affect Granny, nor anyone 55 or over.
 In fact, Ryan’s proposal to reform Medicare, which calls for the government to provide premium support to help seniors purchase private health insurance of their choice, would not even kick in until after the 10-year budgetary window (and, even then, it would not affect anyone now 55 years old or older).
Doing nothing will be worse. Ryan gave a speech the other day in Chicago (HQ of the Barack Obama campaign by the way.) This is key:
The House-passed budget also gets health care spending under control by empowering Americans to fight back against skyrocketing costs. Our budget makes no changes for those in or near retirement, and offers future generations a strengthened Medicare program they can count on, with guaranteed coverage options, less help for the wealthy, and more help for the poor and the sick.  

There is widespread, bipartisan agreement that the open-ended, fee-for-service structure of Medicare is a key driver of health-care cost inflation. As my friend Jim Capretta, a noted health-care policy expert, likes to say, Medicare is not the train being pulled along by the engine of rising costs. Medicare is the engine – and the rest of us are getting taken for a ride.

The disagreement isn’t really about the problem. It’s about the solution to controlling costs in Medicare. And if I could sum up that disagreement in a couple of sentences, I would say this: Our plan is to give seniors the power to deny business to inefficient providers. Their plan is to give government the power to deny care to seniors.
That's the scary part.

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