Friday, November 05, 2010

Ayers' Dohrn: Conservatives Are the Real Terrorists

Who knew? Obama’s Terrorist Pal Bernadine Dohrn Says Conservatives Are the Real Terrorists (Video)

Apparently I was the real security threat going through Reagan National that day. I guess I'm not destined to become Bill's favorite conservative blogger.

So Ayers, and now his fellow unrepentant domestic terrorist and spouse Bernardine Dohrn are getting vocal recently, stung by the University of Illinois Board vote to deny him emeritus status.

Led by RFK's son Chris Kennedy.

And now it seems their leftist street cred is under assault by the evidence that their Weatherman commie manifesto of Days of Rage yore, Prairie Fire, was dedicated to Sirhan, Sirhan, RFK's assassin. As those of us who know their history are aware--Robert F. Kennedy was an anti-war icon of the left.

I know, because I was a liberal then, pre-college days. I cried when he died.

Nothing illustrates more the radical nature of the terrible and murderous intent of Ayers and Dohrn--to the left.

Perhaps Bernardine Dohrn is worried about her own pet emeritus status at Northwestern.

And then there is the possibility of their material support of terrorists who mean harm to Chicago--today.

So I'll ask again-- at what price does the PC media shelter this. And the Dem machine establishment in Chicago.

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John Ruberry said...

They should be deported to fine socialist country--like Greece.

Anne said...

Yeah. Let them scrabble for a living over there.

They are total, evil brats.