Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Palin Schools "Reporters":)

Sarah in Philly.

She makes them work:)

She makes them mad, and looks good in a helmet, unlike Mike Dukakis. Rush was all over this today. [Here's the clip] And don't ever think Charlie Cook is non-partisan ""She's making more money now than God ever intended her to make"
He's a class-envy ruling class guy who's miffed Sarah Palin's more of a success than he is--and she's earned every bit of it.

Hey self-appointed gatekeepers, we "barbarians" are at the gate--and newsflash--we're the ones who are going to save American civilization. Not you.

Prepare to be schooled.

P.S. Knocked it out of the park. RCP has the in:) Palin: Eliminate all energy subsidies...as for loving motorcycles, she's not alone among Western women.

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