Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mama Grizzlies, Saudi Style. Road Trip, New Media--Sarah Style

Manal al-Sharif, Latest Saudi Woman Arrested for Driving, Sparks Protest Fury. The Village Voice:
 Last week, a Saudi Arabian woman named Najla al-Hariri drove for four straight days "to defend her belief that Saudi women should be allowed to drive," but was eventually arrested anyway. "I don't fear being arrested because I am setting an example that my daughter and her friends are proud of,'' she said. This week, Manal al-Sharif did the same, filming her efforts (above) and plotting a June 17 "drive-in" protest. On Sunday, al-Sharif was arrested, too, thus mobilizing the protest movement even more.
They're keeping her in jail now and threatening her with beatings. WaPo:
But blogger Nafjan is less surprised by the response. “Regarding the whipping, that was completely expected, that happened even 20 years ago,” she said over the phone from Riyadh. 
“It used to be that we would protest, and there was just one platform. The religious establishment and newspapers would only put out the official story, which would only be against the woman. The difference now is other platforms can be used,”she said.
Social new media. Going over the heads of a biased, oppressive establishment. What a concept.

Back in the U.S.A. premier Mama Grizzly Sarah Palin starts her road trip this Memorial Day weekend.

More. Cain was favorite at Pottawattamie GOP dinner, but Palin took surprising 2ndIn absentia. Assuming she runs, and I'm betting she will, Palin will be a powerhouse in Iowa, most likely pulling everyone except diehard elitist Romney voters, and a few tea party loyalists to the other charismatic candidates Cain and Bachmann. I'd say she may be the only Romney-stopper for the long haul.

As for our President Barack Obama, I don't imagine he'll be bleating about the middle class on this run.  Food prices, gas prices and jobs are less than ideal, and those issues are right up Palin's alley.

She pegged the ObamaCare death panels early on, and has been a staunch supporter of Israel all along--key concerns of the day. As for going wobbly on the Ryan plan, she was the first prominent Republican to endorse it, back in December.

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