Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Palin Hatred Explained: They're intellectuals, aren't they? Do not confuse them with facts

Noemie Emery.

Yes, she was an obscure libertarian governor. They just want to shut her up. At all costs.

And while we're at it, Harvard prof Harvey Mansfield on what has happened to a once great institution. where even his clear, brilliant merit gets no accolades from his dominant leftist peers. No surprises there or anywhere.

The infantile old left is the establishment now. Some wet behind the ears imitators are incoherent.

A few have grown up.

There's a new counterculture. They've seen the pictures of life in the womb, they've had permissive sex-ed, they grew up with 9/11, they're facing huge college debt and the job outlook is bleak.

Facts are stubborn things.

Related. Politico, how appropriate, reports the establishment GOP is depressedToooo baaaad. We. do. not. want this ruling class. You self-styled solons are damaging Daniels even more by your efforts. But this is pretty laughable:
 So instead of solidifying against the overwhelming force being amassed by Obama’s reelection campaign, the GOP is indulging in an embarrassingly public — and probably futile — search for a more compelling standard-bearer.
Overwhelming force? Meet immovable object:)

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