Friday, May 20, 2011

Surveys: Recent college grads sour on Obama, to vote GOP or stay at home in 2012

Surprise, surprise, the hopey-changey dream unrealized. I remember canvassing before the Iowa caucus and all the enthusiastic O voters I ran into:
Overall, roughly one-third of young voters have some college education, and one-half have college degrees, said Conway. Many are underemployed or unemployed, they’re worried about their debts and economic trends, and they’re worried about the value of their educations, she said. In 2012, she said, “I suspect a fair number will return to Obama, but maybe not enough, and not in the [swing] states where he needs them,” she said. 
Those states include Michigan, Nevada, New Mexico, New Hampshire, Indiana, Virginia and Iowa, she said. All were won by Obama in 2008, and all were lost in state-wide elections to GOP candidates in 2010, she said.
At the time I made jokes (well, not to their faces) about youth and inexperience meeting their perfect match.

Stay at home, huh.

More of their parents may be souring as well. More from the survey:
“People have had time to reflect on how they voted in 2008, and now they’re thinking about whether they have a job or like their job,” said Maddalone. As their trust in the federal government shrinks, they’re becoming more self-reliant, as their attitude shifts from “‘yes, we can,’ to ‘yes, I can,’” he said
Yes I can vote you out.

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