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Another flash mob attack in Chicago last night

"They went in front of the Armani store, and that's where we saw the first punch thrown. That's when we dropped our uniforms and I dropped my book bag and tried to help. The kid gets back up. And they chase the guy in front of Potbelly's and that's where it ended. They beat him pretty bad but he got up all right. He was really traumatized since it was his first time getting jumped on," said Cory Bynum.
Getting closer to the Obama HQ location.

 Maybe Tim Pawlenty's speech in Chicago should have been about violent crime.

And Rahm better get a handle on this--and be honest, not PC-- or we'll turn into Detroit. I notice in the video he calls the perps "youths", like they're engaging in some minor vandalism, a little graffiti like campaign signs spray-painted randomly on manhole covers.

More. Pat Hickey reaction to this column.
Flash Mobs are what Chicago paper hat journalists are calling squads of black kids doing a beat down on victims -usually 'goofy-looking' white folks, in the words of the early flash mob who nearly beat Ryan Rusch* to death at Beverly Park in 2007.

The Chicago Media helped create the climate, which I have called the Thug Comfort Zone in this blog, in which beneficiaries of 'identity/grievance/entitlement politics' feel very comfortable doing anything. Ironically, more black people have suffered to a greater degree than any other demographic. Black kids get shot, raped, beaten, set-afire, robbed, and force-fed insect repellent - anybody remember Ryan Harris and Little Girl X**? Thought not.

Instead, the Chicago media has done a rhetorical flash mob on law enforcement, the justice system, the courts and especially police officers as human beings. [snip]
In 19th Century Chicago "footpads" were the flash mobs. They were gangs of jackrollers who beat and robbed victims. Back then the victims were drunks and fools wandering about the Levee. Today, a victim is usually . . .anybody.
 Pat gives us this video on the PBS station of one of the few honest reporters in Chicago--Natasha Korecki, who by the way covers the Blago trial [the discussion of the North Ave. beach (near the Cardinal's residence by the way) closing on Memorial Day weekend for "heat-related illnesses" starts at about 10:50]
Watch the full episode. See more Chicago Tonight.

...The sports guy asks who would support the gangs? Who indeed.

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Caller “Tony” says he is a retired Chicago Police officer, and feels the city is afraid to talk openly about the problem of so called “flash mob” violence, because the offenders are African American.
"When is the 2000 pound gorilla in the room going to be addressed? These are black thugs from the West side. This is not a group of mob children. These are black gangbangers," he said. "Now I'm a retired policeman. Thirty years ago, I would put my size 13 so far up their rear end, they would never do it again. But because of the liberals in our society, they've taken the power away from the police to do anything."
Caller and current police officer “Michael”, agreed.
"Because the department and the politicians in this city don't want to face what's really going on out here because it's politically incorrect, OK? This is black on white violence OK? They won't pursue a hate crime on a lot of these when it should have been pursued," he said.
More. Aging liberal at grayhair MSM network says it's all about lack of summer jobs (next up, Midnight Basketball) and compares it to Weathermen Days of Rage at the '68 convention. Yes, it's all about the civil rights movement. And how interesting Bill Ayers fellow unrepentant terrorist spouse Dohrn teaches at Northwestern. Their downtown campus students are among those being targeted by these groups of "youths".

Another related post: NRA vs. Chicago: News Flash (Mob)

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Anonymous said...

Young gangbanging minority men are doing these crimes, as the respect for life and respect in general deteriorate with in every new generation we will see more and more heinous crimes, this phenomenon is caused by a generation raised poorly who in turn raises the next generation even poorer then theirs, who in turn raises the next generation worse then them. This happens in all chronically impoverished and neglected area. Innocent people being jumped on robbed is disgusting and tragic. This deserves all the police force available, Guardian Angels, low flying police helicopters, Local news, National news, Outrage, Constant pressure on the Mayor & Police Chief to make sure this stops NOW! I am offended because what has been happening for the last few weeks has been happening ALL YEAR LONG in our poor communities, young kids forced to join gangs or get beat everyday, children Murdered everyday, children beat by mobs in schools and out everyday, kids staying inside for fear of being shot everyday and where is all the police force available, Guardian Angels, low flying police helicopters, Local news, National news, Outrage, Constant pressure on the Mayor & Police Chief to make sure this stops NOW! When it happens to a “more valuable” area we get immediate, strong, unrelenting pressure to stop it with out concern of cost but in our community we put up cameras.