Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The broken prism of feminism. Marilyn

David Mamet, The Feminist Betrayal of Norma Jeane

They want to play victim and bash men for their own advancement, kill kids in the womb for their own convenience, save the children for their own power grab du jour. And along the way, glorify single moms, the surest path to crime and poverty.

But they deny the power and virtue of the hand that rocks the cradle, or the hard work and sheer talent of a beautiful actress who treated her body with grace.

These days, women who are smart and beautiful who disagree with them are called sluts by men of the left. And the "feminists" are Ok with that.

P.S. We're individuals, not part of a collective.

P.P.S. GOP freshman Congresswoman Kristi Noem, SD, not ceding women to the Dems. We won in 2010:) Video on Greta.

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