Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Post Office runs out of money, stops paying into retirement fund

Well, maybe they'll have to keep working, rather than retire early. Because, you know, all those chicken in every pot promises Dems have been making my entire lifetime and then some aren't worth a hill of beans when there's no more money to pay for them.

Maybe they'll try something like this guy.

Better yet, fully privatize it. Let it go.

Every public employee and subsidy is a cost borne by taxpayers.

It's only the private sector that creates the wealth that keeps the economy humming--and the taxes are crushing us.

P.S. About your kids and grandkids--this is why we have joined the TEA party: How the Debt and Economy Are Reshaping Millennials’ Life Choices


Note: To view Ranking Member Sessions’ statement on the CBO long-term outlook, please click here.

Oh, and more on the bank robber who wants to retire on the beach.

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