Friday, June 03, 2011

Michelle O will hit beaches in South Africa on our dime. My Plate!

It's an official trip, unlike Marbella or the Massachussetts Cape. Though I suppose that could come later.

Yes, a Let's Move initiative! I still suggest visiting Hugo.

...$4.5 billion and counting:
“I think it’s going to take a big educational program. Plus, it’s going to take a change in agricultural policy. . . .The Department of Agriculture historically has considered fruits and vegetables to be specialty products. Yes, specialty products. They don’t get subsidized. They don’t get any special attention and bringing the Department of Agriculture into a situation where it starts [developing] policy behind the guidelines is going to take some doing. And believe me, they know it.
(Emphasis mine). More subsidies on the way. The most expensive First Lady ever.

P.S. Surely this will be a big hit on the campaign trail. She gets exotic beaches for our money, we get this:

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