Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Obama base threatened: affluent suburban voters may vote R on economy

Per election guru Michael Barone, this CA district in LA County may flip in the July 12th election. The Dem running for Jane Harmon's now open seat is barely leading the GOP candidate:
The beach towns, originally settled by Midwestern retirees, were historically Republican. By the 1990s, however, the population had shifted to a younger generation, and the area, like so many other relatively high-education, high-income suburbs in major non-Southern metropolitan areas, trended heavily toward the Democrats. Hahn’s ads are clearly designed to appeal to cultural liberals and seem to totally ignore the fiscal and economic issues which are of paramount importance to most voters across the nation. A Republican victory would suggest that cultural issues are of far less importance than they were in the 1995-2005 period, when partisan preferences seemed frozen, and that affluent suburban voters are open to voting Republican on economic issues.
These voters went heavily for Obama in 2008 but with the economy in the doldrums, and debt looming, look out.

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