Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Suburban (Women) Vote Up For Grabs: Shift GOP

The WaPo is looking at the outer ring burbs but the inner ring ones around here are tight as well:

After four years of Democratic control in Washington, however, many independents here who voted for Obama now voice varying degrees of disapproval for the president and his party. They say they are frustrated by his inability to forge bipartisan compromise. They say Obama and the Democrats pursued an agenda that was too liberal and have not done enough to shore up the economy.

Sentiments like this can be overheard all around Reunion, and in outer-ring suburban neighborhoods across the country.
But the WaPo gets it wrong:
This is not tea party country. The two dozen independent voters here who spoke to The Washington Post this month were more practical than ideological in their political views.
The Tea Party is mainstream. It is practical, pulling in people who've never been politically involved before. If being in favor of the Constitution is ideological it just shows how liberal and out of touch the WaPo is.

Even blue Illinois, Obama's home state, is going purple.

In another key indicator, Wal-Mart moms turn against Democrats.

It's no secret women, a big percentage of independents, are TEA party leaders.

And Velma shows Obama is even wavering with core supporters.

Things are so dire Michelle emerges from her private hell to campaign for swing district Dems in trouble--three in Illinois, plus stinky Alexi.

Good luck with that.

Both parties are going after early voters, Dems especially desperate before things get worse.

Good luck with that.

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