Sunday, June 26, 2011

Why Palin Can Win

This makes sense to me.

Professor Jacobson as well.

P.S. Palin will be in Pella, IA on Tuesday. If you want to see The Undefeated by you, vote here. And from Iowa, Caffeinated Thoughts: Interview with Stephen Bannon: The Undefeated Cuts Through Media Perception of Sarah Palin

...taking on this guy. Per Michael Barone Gardiner sums up, "There will be growth in the spring." Kind of reminds you of Obama's approach to the federal budget, doesn't it?

I'd back our moxie middle class warrior in this fight any time:)

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...Chris Wallace Apologizes to Michele Bachmann for Asking if She’s a ‘Flake’ Comment:
On June 26th, 2011 at 2:09 pm, Yumpin Yoda said:
What kind of a journalistic question is that? Talk about unprofessional!
Meanwhile, we have a sock puppet who says things like Marine Corpse,
58 states, wrecking havoc instead of wreaking havoc.
But his biggest gaffe of all (and there are so many) is that he could not figure who he gave a Medal of Honor to. Just imagine that for a second…’re giving out the nations highest honor – wouldn’t you think you would want to know something more about the person who received it, what they did to receive this honor, whether he/she was alive or receiving it posthumously.
So that tells you that he had ABSOLUTELY NO INTEREST in the person receiving this award. It was just another ceremony probably cutting into his golf time. Despicable!
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