Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Drilling deregulation could create 190,000 jobs

Driving back from errands in the north country this afternoon I saw 2 cars, a truck and a bus (painted blue) all for sale on one small stretch of road, parked along the driveways. It certainly caught my attention, no prize for guessing why, since I'd just filled up my own tank.

An urban crossroads like Chicago consistently has among the highest gas prices in the country. Taxes contribute a dollar or so of that, outdated EPA boutique gas requirements are a cost as well. The primary job creators in the nation--small business, is trying to cope with new strategies, but wouldn't we all be better off if we could drill more at home? And what of the EPA's assault on coal, taxing our electricity?

Then there's the president's plan to increase taxes on this sector, which would exacerbate the supply problem--and not bring in the revenues projected anyway. Full report here.

If we want to reduce the deficit we should deregulate to grow the economy. Choking off Gulf drilling has repercussions all over the country.

Is it any wonder our recovery, such as it is, stalled out in this last job-less report?

Moms and dads, for example, know that they are paying more to put food on the table. They are also paying nearly $4 per gallon when they fill up their cars. Even those who have jobs are scared—some because they might lose them, others because the lack of strong economic growth means that they have fewer opportunities to move up the ladder.
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