Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hey, Mr. Prez, where's that SocSec lockbox. Ask Al the Goracle

Seriously, as Col. and Rep. Allen West pointed out yesterday, real leaders don't threaten:
As Sen. Marco Rubio pointed out yesterday on with Rush, when he heard what the president said, that Obama might not pay those SocSec checks--the president is admitting we're borrowing that money. It's a Chinese lockbox. Currently at 40 cents on the dollar--where's the cents key on my keyboard, they don't make em any more, chump change is now-- TRILLIONS and rising.

Yes, all those little old ladies who paid in all these years have been sold down the river by Big Govt. Is our president Barack Obama throwing them off a cliff!!!!!!

As Krauthammer suggested last night on Special Report, the GOP House should pass a bill out cutting spending and raising the debt limit by matching dollars. Newt suggested $100 billion each, which would pay those checks, and call it the Social Security Payment Protection Act.

Even this president's pet investment bankers have put out a chart that negates Obama's cynical, thuggish hysteria:
This president is stuck on stupid. STOP the spending!!!

...And where's your plan, Mr. President? Do you have a secret plan. How Nixonian.

Via ConservativeHome:
Eric Cantor and Jim Jordan: Control debt, pass balanced budget amendment
"Near-term spending cuts are necessary to alter the course, but they will not be enough without long-term changes. Likewise, promises of cuts 10 years from now mean little without a way to enforce them. The only way to truly guarantee delivery from future politicians is if the Constitution demands it. That's why the House will vote next Wednesday on a balanced budget amendment that would require supermajorities in both chambers to run a deficit, raise the debt ceiling, raise taxes and spend more than 18% of GDP." - USA Today
And this IBD/TIPP poll (graphic added above):
It doesn't help that Obama is fighting to raise the debt ceiling, something the public strongly rejects, 58%-36%. That includes 59% of independents, and even 38% of Democrats.
Eat your peas, Barack. Where's your plan.

P.S. I see James Taranto is on the same page.Raise Taxes or Granny Gets It :
For this he drew plaudits from what used to be called the mainstream media. "Obama Grasping Centrist Banner in Debt Impasse" read the New York Times headline. The Washington Post's Chris Cillizza dubbed him "Dad-in-Chief," explaining: "Boil Obama's message down and you get this: Adults sometimes have to do things that they don't want to do. This is one of those times. So, let's get it done."

The kids are acting up, so he threatens to starve Granny to death. That's just how a strong father behaves.
Yes, lock her up in the empty lockbox til you gut punch stomach the pricey peas I, the great Barack want to buy votes with today that won't be there for you tomorrow but you'll still be paying for them, kids.

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