Friday, July 22, 2011

Norway's 9/11? #standwithnorway

Jeff Emanuel

Philip Klein

No news on who, but suppositions. #standwithnorway

...More here: Peter Beaumont, foreign affairs editor at the Observer, says a jihadist group is most likely to be behind the blast:

Christopher R. Albon
by backyardconserv
31 minutes ago
More. Gunman's background puzzles police in Norway


Doug Sharp said...

Norway Oklahoma City.

Anne said...

Yeah. Really awful

Toto said...

What if the party responsible is an extreme right wing anti-muslim crazy person?

Anne said...

It looks like he's crazy, that's for sure.

And he may be anti-Muslim. What a way to try to make his point.

An evil day.

Anne said...

Came out of nowhere. He grew veggies.