Thursday, July 14, 2011

Obama Makes Supreme Sacrifice of Country

Source: Obama says he'll risk job for debt deal (that's the grayhair obediently PC CBS version, others here)

As usual, it's all about him.

But really, he's willing to go the extra Camp David, and put off the Vineyard, perhaps.

All in aid of wrecking the country with his ruinous spending and tax upon tax intransigence in the face of massive unemployment and an economy dead in the water:
Robert Lucas, the 1995 Nobel laureate in economics, has spent his career thinking about why economies grow, and in particular about the effect of policy making on growth. From his office at the University of Chicago, Prof. Lucas has been wondering, like the rest of us, why, if the recession officially ended in the first half of 2009, there hasn't been more growth in the U.S. economy. He's also been wondering why this delayed recovery resembles the long non-recovery years of the 1930s. And he has been thinking about the U.S. and Europe.

In May, Bob Lucas pulled his thoughts together and delivered them as the Milliman Lecture at the University of Washington, an exercise he described to me this week as "intelligent speculation."
Here is the lecture's provocative final thought: "Is it possible that by imitating European policies on labor markets, welfare and taxes, the U.S. has chosen a new, lower GDP trend? If so, it may be that the weak recovery we have had so far is all the recovery we will get."
The Obama-will-turn-us-into-Europe argument is a staple of the administration's critics. Prof. Lucas's intelligent speculation, however, carries the case beyond dinner-party carping.
People are anxious and worried as I have never seen them before, even though I entered the job market during the Carter recession. Now my kids are facing it. I'm worried about the future of this country as never before. Over the years we've hosted exchange students, and sent off a few of our own. I'll never forget one of my kids saying to me on her return--Mom, my classmates have no dream. There's nothing like the American dream for them. That was Italy.

I watched just a bit of Hannity last night, saw that Luntz focus group very, very upset, with this charged remark by one capturing the mood---they haven't even passed a budget and they want to increase the debt ceiling?

We're Taxed Enough Already. This president has made us worse off, by every measure, by his own measure.Hold the line, GOP, on a match of spending cuts for a debt ceiling increase. Cut, cap, and balance. For the good of America.

More. Instapundit: I TOLD YOU SO: Last week’s unemployment number revised...

Obama Exposes Social Security’s Big Lie.

...An example of European Big Gov overkill:
So what we have is an example of hyperactive, interfering government tearing up long standing insurance and legal principles so that motorists are being charged for a risk they are not running. 


LibertyAtStake said...

Mark Levin laid out the perfect plan for the GOP on his radio show last night. (Pay attention, McConnell, this is what offense looks like when you're "protecting your brand")

Interest due on the debt in August is about 15% of revenue into the Treasury for August. A little more math, and you figure out entitlements can be covered if approximately half the bureaucracy is given an unplanned vacation. House GOP should just pass a spending bill making debt interest, entitlements, and military salaries spending priorities #1, #2, and #3. Then let Dingy Harry and Veto Barry own defaulting or stiffing Grandma instead of sending half the burea-weenie army home for a month. The House GOP could even take the rest of July off in good conscience after passing this bill tomorrow.

Repeat monthly until Barry the Temper-Tantrum-Toddler-In-Chief shows us "his bluff" - which will probably be impeachable.

“Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

Anne said...

Thanks, great stuff!

I listened to Levin's clip last night on Obama as Mussolini--tremendous.