Thursday, July 14, 2011

TSA Pats Down Former SecDef Rumsfeld at O'Hare

TMZ sensationalizes header. HT Pundette. If the Pope came here I suppose they'd go after him too.

Apparently our former congressman was quite nice about it. The last time I went through there I was careful not to be too cheerful, as I read that causes suspicion too.

I'm thankful my kids are grown, I don't know how I'd react. I know my mom would have been totally scandalized.

Dying women, disabled in wheelchairs, a 94 year old...

$1 billion and what do we have to show for it:
In fiscal year 2010, 50,000 people were singled out by the SPOT program, but only 300 eventually were arrested -- none on terror charges, the GAO said. A previous GAO report found that at least 17 known terrorists traveled through at least 23 U.S. airports in the SPOT program without being detected.
READ: 25,000 Airport Security Breaches Since 2001: Congress
There has to be a better, common sense way.


SpearWolf said...

Well, the best,most logical way of enhancing security is completely off the table because of the idiotic PC Thought Police. PROFILING WORKS.
OK, I guess that makes me a racist.
I'll be expecting the PCTP knock on my door at midnight....

Anne said...

Yeah, I want profiling too.

I guess the only comfort on the PCTP is that they are mostly incompetent:)