Monday, July 11, 2011

Only the great Barack can save us!!!

Judging from his press conference this morning, President Obama has determined he cannot run for reelection on his record of doubling our debt, and so he seems intent on attributing that record to “Washington” and running against it. He evidently hopes to use the debt-ceiling deal to recast himself as the guy who wants to take our deficits and debt seriously in a town where no one else does.
Well, he's run as an insider outsider before.

It's quite a high-wire act to achieve, given he's the ringleader of the Dem DC circus.

Who will he drag into the ring next to be shared sacrificed. (It's the spectre of Big Bestseller)

But it's nothing to do with him.

P.S. My garden peas are just flowering, nowhere near edible. What's Michelle up to? 

Circus fare.

P.P.S. The great Barack in the spotlight, back home.

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