Monday, July 11, 2011

Oh, yeah, we're the banana republicans

Chris Muir. Drudge: Obama tells GOP leaders America not a 'banana republic'...

Really Barack? You mean you can't do everything by executive fiat? There's the little matter of the people's House having a vote on increasing our debt obligations to further ruinous levels? Resisting job-killing tax increases at a time when 10 to 20% of Americans are under-employed or unemployed?

You repudiated your own debt commission's bipartisan plan, and you're lecturing our elected representatives?

And what of your attorney general, Eric Holder, apparently engaging in gun-running that's getting Americans killed. And covering it up for months. Nixonian.

Ah yes, we're the ones who need to be told this is not a banana republic, when our president talks of guns held to heads.

Bringing a gun to a knife fight, the strongman style.

But you were the one who said as Senator that raising the debt limit was a lack of leadership.

We want the rule of law, not of men. That's America.

And an honest man or woman as leader.

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