Thursday, July 14, 2011

Movement in MN Shutdown. Dayton Folds

Did his petty tyranny over the Miller-Coors shutdown do him in in public opinion?

Holding the entire state hostage for some job-killing tax increases in an economic downturn?

Dayton offers to end shutdown by accepting GOP plan -- with conditions, in a speech at the University of Minnesota, taking refuge among students and academics.

He's offering to call a special session, quite a flipflop since he waited out the regular session to shut the state down.

As Republican Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch's recent op-ed in the Minneapolis Star Tribune pointed out, the legislature passed separate bills to fund state agencies over the last several months,  increased spending by 6% to match the revenues coming in without raising taxes, and still managed to balance the budget, but Gov. Dayton turned this down.

Powerline wonders if it's a sign:)

You gotta know when to fold em.

Know when to hold em:)

Music from an old hand: As a summer-in-Minnesotan, I am pleased... Now I don't have to worry if my neighbors are scofflaws...Hotdish without a license or something...An unregulated fish-fry, oh my...

...Lutherans on the loose.

P.S. Maybe the Dem governor was looking at this poll. ...And how about this one. Rasmussen: 55% Oppose Tax Hike In Debt Ceiling Deal

P.P.S.  #dontcallmybluff

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