Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Big Nanny: Gov Gambling, Sanctuary City, but no Street Vendors. Winning the Future

Chicago is annoying me bigtime this morning:
Nansen Malin
by backyardconserv
Anne Leary

Anne Leary

Anne Leary

22 minutes ago

This is our president Barack Obama's home town. This is what he wants for the country. Come to Chicago Mr. President. Take credit for this dysfunction. In so many ways. So many ways.

He's wandering around in the boonies of Illinois trying to be folksy and talk empty talk about jobs to those bitter clingers (turned terrorist don't ya know) before he goes off to vacation in tony Martha's Vineyard with his leftist friends.

How bout a staycation in Chicago, Barack.

catface at 9:29 AM August 17, 2011 Can he keep Tony Rezko loced away until 2012, he was convicted in June of '08 and still has not been sentenced....What's another year and a half....How is he getting money to Rita and the kid's?  He must have an emissary, not from SEIU this time they proved to be incompetent maybe someone from ACORN, word is they're all out of work...

SoChicagoan at 9:28 AM August 17, 2011 And it's on to Martha's Vineyard . . . .

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