Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Leftie Schakowsky's failed O-ld refrain

So Jan Schakowsky, in the Dem House leadership, wants to borrow 40 cents on the dollar and rising to hire more government workers--cops, firefighters, teachers--public union members all. These hires are a DIRECT expense to taxpayers. These jobs make more than private sector workers who are paying their salaries. Then there's the very idea of a youth corps, a perennial leftist favorite.

And to point out the obvious--which is something needed when you're dealing with Jan Schakowsky--these public sector salaries, health care and pension benefits, mostly unfunded, are BANKRUPTING US NOW. Schakowsky and Obama's Dem run into the ground home state of Illinois is a case in point. Even White House spokesman Jay Carney admitted government does not create jobs...

I take you back to Schakowsky's attempt at debate with Paul Ryan. She's singing along with O the same old failed socialist song.  

It's not workin'. E I E I O


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