Thursday, August 18, 2011

Maybe it's time for the O as celebrity ad again

The other day while trying to impress us heartland yokels, our President Barack Obama blamed the internet for job losses. The internet ate his homework.

But it's OK, he gets a vacay anyway, after all, he's the biggest celeb in the world. Postcards from Barack:
Even Politico's on his case. Hey, Barack, are you afraid to go home to Chicago?

Barack Obama, man of the people.

...Market drops again, initial jobless claims up again--reversing trend, worse than expected.And how bout that inflation, making it a staycation for many.

...But our President Barack Obama is singing See you in September on jobs. Yeah, right. P.S. Paris Hilton opens new handbag store in Manila. That's overseas. Not creating jobs here. Michelle and Barack.

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