Thursday, August 18, 2011 New Philly video

Michelle Malkin points to this.

Ann Coulter's column, and book.

I've been writing about this since the Memorial Day weekend attack in Chicago on downtown beaches and bikepaths, where purportedly, based on the buzz on unofficial police blogs, referred to in this WLS Chicago interview, as many as 2, 000 "youths" swarmed the lakefront. 
Clearly Betty is not a fan of Barack and Michelle's former favorite pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Listen.
The new mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, and his new sidekick police chief, stick to the story that the shutdown had to do with "heat-related illnesses". Those supposedly suburban bikers were just dropping like flies. Those beachgoers close to the pretty frigid 68 degrees if you're lucky Lake Michigan succumbing to heat exhaustion.

There's a racial element to this. Bashing whites and Asians for fun. Undeniably, and come to a head. Read Robin of Berkeley, if you haven't yet.

Undeniable except to most of the media.

New Philly video:
Why do you think she was targeted. For fun.


Here's another element. As Rep. Allen West (R-FL) pointed out yesterday--the liberal plantation:
While Mayor Nutter deserves some credit for calling out the teen hoodlums in his midst, it’s hard to take him seriously as someone who really wants to go after the black teen unemployment problem. You see, he has a lot in common with this country’s chief executive.
While Barack Obama was on a three-state bus tour this week in “Greyhound One,” shattering all previous presidential records for whining and excuse-making, Nutter, a deputy mayor, and the city’s water commissioner were on a junket in Rio de Janeiro accompanying Lisa Jackson, who heads Obama’s job-killing Environmental Protection Agency. Their objective: “to listen, learn, and lend their expertise on green development.” Nutter’s ultimate goal: “to make Philadelphia the greenest city in the country.”
And finally, the leftist trial lawyer community organizers and the gun-control crowd.

Fury over Sharpton speaking at Crown Heights riot-anniversary forum

Politico targets Allen West for predictable vitriol. Memeorandum sets up a thread. 
If we don't come to grips with this, we lose our country. As we've already lost generations in the inner city. Cowards and Killings:
CityJournal's Heather Mac Donald takes on the mythology of The One, and the Left. Chicago’s Real Crime Story: Why decades of community organizing haven’t stemmed the city’s youth violence

The disappearance of the black two-parent family.

"The next stage in black family disintegration may be on the horizon. According to several Chicago observers, black mothers are starting to disappear, too."

Chicago children under 17 killed at four times the rate of NYC children.
James Bovard: Raising Hell in Subsidized Housing:
After a four-year investigation, the Indianapolis Housing Authority (IHA) in 2006 linked 80% of criminal homicides in Marion County, Ind., to individuals fraudulently obtaining federal assistance "in either the public housing program or the Section 8 program administered by the agency." The IHA released an update last month citing recent crackdowns on a "nationwide criminal motorcycle gang operating out of a Section 8 home." It also noted one "attorney who allegedly operated a law practice from a Section 8 home for eight years, providing shelter to unauthorized occupants who were linked to 10 homicides, 431 police calls and 394 criminal arrests during that time period."

 Dubuque, Iowa, is struggling with an influx of Section 8 recipients from Chicago housing projects.
Gee, why didn't Barack drop by?


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