Thursday, August 18, 2011

Obama Tone Deaf, but Who Can Sing? *Michelle?

Fortunately, Brian:)
Teodora Stanev
by backyardconserv
Sarah America: Palin: Obama "Tone Deaf" Going On Vacation At This Time On with Megyn Kelly

Maybe it's cuz his head is in the sand.

But I think flat (-lining this country) is his choice.

...full Palin interview here.

P.S. Postcards from the vacay. Speculation from us unimpressed by The One in Chicago, HQ of the Obamanation campaign: Is O having a rendezvous in the Vineyard with a few people? (Or has Michelle locked him in his room)

P.P.S. More speculation, from the other side, after today's debacle: The Obama Collapse Accelerates. I would only disagree to say Obama loves to demonize people--the press usually lets him get away with it, in fact they join in.

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