Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Public school principal globetrots on taxpayer tab

Insult to injury, he's getting paid $142K a year and he's on a "working vacation"? And it wasn't even found by an audit. Sun Times:
Ogden International School Principal Kenneth Staral, who makes $142,000 a year, traveled with students as part of a program he created to teach kids about different cultures, according to the report that aired Tuesday. The charges spanned a dozen trips taken between January 2009 and June 2010, records showed.

The report found Staral charged taxpayers for expensive meals at Michelin-rated restaurants in Lyon, France; a visit to The Caviar House in London; a stay at a five-star boutique hotel in Prague; limos in New York; and in Chicago, $1,200 in one visit to Gibson’s and $1,400 in a visit to Hugo’s Frog Bar.
The Chicago Public schools are still just "considering" eliminating these credit cards. And what's with the Chicago charges--maybe he was testing the casino concept for Rahm. So cultural and all.

...or scouting for Michelle.

Update: My FoxChicago investigative report.

Chicago Public Schools Principal Kenneth Staral Spends Thousands of Taxpayer Money on Travel:

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