Monday, September 26, 2011

Boomers going to bat for Millennials

Bannon on Palin. He gets it. She gets it.
The Undefeated Movie

Interview: : “20 Something Generation is Going to be Wiped out Before it Even Starts”
Because we've seen the consequences upon us and the careless cruelty, the narcissism of our generation:

We want to save the world from ourselves, before it's too late for our loved ones, our children...we are the new counterculture.

More. Andrew Klavan. I knew what he was talking about just from the title.


MathMom said...

Glenn Beck said today on his TV show on, that we are the new counterculture, and we'd better start acting like it. This thought seems to be rising to the surface in various places.

WV: exerkl - Ex Urkel? Urkel is what Tammy Bruce calls Barky. Maybe this is a call to duty - Ex Urkel! Beat him like a rented mule! 49 State Sweep!

Anne said...

Go for it!!!

I know Illinois is the outlier