Thursday, September 15, 2011

The fierce urgency of Sarah Palin

 Oh yeah, Obama wants to sell us a bridge. Good luck with that, after NY9.

A caller in to Rush says it is not necessarily a matter of structural integrity but just that design standards have changed. Well, we've seen that politically opportunistic stuff with public schools, where connected architects plot with unions to state-mandate bigger classrooms (in tandem with smaller class size. Naturally. And for what.) In any event, the Rush caller says one of the bridges Obama is presumably referring to, Hatteras, has been blocked by environmentalists. (Apparently concerned moms wrote a letter to Michelle, but she paid her dues the other day and has other priorities.)

Union patronage and porky opportunism, environmentalists making everything more expensive,  I suppose the trial lawyers to sue the pants off whatever's left. (Check with Rep. Jan Schakowsky, People's Republic of Evanston, IL) It's the stellar, predator Dem coalition.

So this is the Obama campaign, 2012. Are WE proud of our country yet. The fierce urgency of now has degenerated to one toothless stimulus after another, all the while we're paying through the nose for it, Solyndra only the latest and greatest of his loser projects to reward his cronies. The Bolshie Chicago Mob in action. Another email from my friend Mary:
Mr. Obama's team announced another housing program for low & moderate income homeowners owing less than $500,000 on their mortgages.   $295 million  is slated to go to qualifying homeowners, but the remainder of the $345 allocated for the program will go for "administrative costs," according to the Chicago Tribune.What are they doing?   Delivering the checks by limo?
And another one:
Remember when "Chicago Style" used to mean deep dish pizza?   Now whenever anyone says "Chicago Style" they are referring to down and dirty politics.  Ah, for the good old days....
WE the people would like a president we can be proud of. One that battles the "seamless monstrosity" of crony capitalism, as the Chicago Boyz put it:
The government has turned into an amalgamation of iron triangles — regulators, legislators (or actually their staffs) and industries that are regulated. These work in tandem to their mutual advantage at the expense of the taxpayer and of truly entrepreneurial and innovative businesses. It is in the joint interest of this business/government crony capitalist complex to crush out potential rivals and created government sponsored, protected and subsidized monopolists.
This is precisely the hazard the USA was founded to fight against. The American Revolution was provoked by British monopolists authorized by the Crown — crony capitalism, 18th Century style. The founding generation was acutely aware of this problem. Further the major thinkers influencing 19th Century liberal thought in the USA, Canada and Britain were all focused on this problem: Jefferson, Edmund Burke and Adam Smith. (See the brilliant book The Transatlantic Persuasion: The Liberal-Democratic Mind in the Age of Gladstone by Robert Kelley, which explains this now-forgotten history.)
The greatest threat to our liberty is the uniting of government power and private greed, and that is exactly what we are facing now.
Who understands what's at stake, back to the bones of our Constitution, for whom so many Americans have fought and died. Who has and can take on this rotten crowd. For me, in my small way, it started with Kelo.

I didn't study Econ in college, I studied Russian, and the Soviet Union. Maybe that's why I went back to business school in Chicago, and recognize this convergence:
During the Cold War, people would argue that the United States and the Soviet Union were “converging.” The argument went that the Soviet Union would liberalize and become more humane, while the USA would become more socialistic, and we would all end up looking something like a utopian notion of Sweden. This did not happen. The Soviet Union fell apart. Mr. Fukuyama famously asserted that liberal democracy had “won” and that the ideological struggles of modernity were over, and history had ended.
But what if the final state is not democratic capitalism? What if convergence is right after all? What if Soviet communism fell apart and turned into a mafia state run by an alliance of government and favored businesses, which control the country by corruption and intimidation, a nomenklatura that strips out all the value in the country on behalf of a well-connected elite, immiserating everyone else. This amoral, vicious, greed-driven, undemocratic dystopia is what we are now converging toward. It is an Orwellian future, with an Inner Party of senior politicians and business executives, an Outer Party of government employees and business managers, and a vast, despoiled, proletariat with no opportunities, or assets or future. It sounds like the world Mr. Obama is brazenly pushing us toward. It also sounds like a future that no Republican has so far dared to point to, to name, to denounce and to oppose — because they would prefer to be in on the game than take the risks inherent in opposing it.
So, Fukuyama was right: We are approaching a single form of governance around the world. Unfortunately, it turns out, it’s fascism.

Until Gov. Palin’s speech on September 4, 2011, in Indianola, Iowa.
We need our fierce and unafraid Sarah Palin to run, with all her honesty and American spirit:
This crony capitalism and government waste is at the heart of our economic problems. It will destroy us if we don’t root it out. It’s not just a Democrat problem or a Republican problem. It’s a problem of our permanent political class. This won’t stop until “we the people” say enough is enough, and we retire the permanent political class that votes for this.
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