Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Empirical evidence of media lib bias. Take your PQ Quiz. Am I in a mood

Carpe Diem. Find your political quotient here.

Bonus for media enlightenment: wage gap" is the huge "gender occupational fatality gap." Last year, men were 12 times more likely than women to get killed on the job. How does your job rate.

Am I in a mood this morning. You betcha. Being the barbarian terrorist that I am.

HT Steve Bartin and my friend Mary, who also emailed me on Hoffa yesterday:  I was amused by Teamsters President Hoffa's referring to Republicans as "sons of bitches" during his Labor Day address.  "Sons of bitches" sounds more like Mr. Hoffa's demographic than the average GOP voter or Tea Party supporter.    And, you would think that a man whose family had been so impacted by violence would never call for anyone to "be taken out."  Apparently his father's murder meant nothing to him....
e21 Reaction: MSR Dripping with Cynicism The initial news reports on the Mid-Session Review of the President’s 2012 Budget focused on the Administration’s downgrade of near-term economic growth expectations. In the MSR, the Administration provides an “alternative” economic forecasts that predicts that 2011 growth will be 1.7%, 2012 growth will be 2.6%, and the unemployment rate will finish 2012 at 9%. This realism comes attached to a completely fictional account for the U.S. fiscal situation accompanied by a self-serving narrative about the “fiscal framework” devised by the President outside of the normal budget process. The use of an extra-legal process to “set the stage” for budget negotiations is an obvious ruse designed to avoid laying out specific spending cuts that would be required in official budget documents. There is so much cynicism now embedded into the budget process that it might be more reasonable to simply cancel it altogether. This MSR came 48 days late, relies on inflated economic growth figures, and directs readers to a press release in case they seek information about the President’s fiscal policy. Is it any wonder gold sells for more than $1,800 an ounce?
Europe Signals Global Gloom (Wall Street Journal)

...And our President Barack Obama? When he's not out newtoning/proudofJimmyHoffa on the campaign trail.

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