Thursday, September 22, 2011

Have we met

I started this blog in part because I was tired of biting my tongue in polite company. Leftists have no such compunction. The Dem Senate candidate from Massachusetts who has all the answers: Aside from the questionable numbers (gee, are we to blame Bush for today?) what about the tone, in a gathering in someone's home. Clearly the individual who built the factory is public enemy number one in the neighborhood. It's as Peter Schiff noted in his testimony to Congress the other day--if you create jobs you're treated like a criminal.

One of her former Harvard Law school students comments:
There are so many things wrong with Warren’s statement that I really don’t know where to begin. Tonestaple sent me an email that certainly gets the tone right (which led to my post’s title):
They [meaning the middle class Leftists who applaud the above statement] seem to think it is the ne plus ultra of common sense. I think it sounds like a gangster saying, “Nice factory you’ve got here – be a shame if anything happened to it.”
As my interlineation about Gibson Guitar shows, Tonestaple perfectly nailed the reality behind Warren’s cutesy, nursery school-esque, “God blessy” statement that everybody should share with everybody else.” The reality is that, in Obama world, if you don’t make nice with the government, the government is not going to make nice with you. (The cutesy tone, incidentally, is classic Warren. She was one of my law school profs, and I found her invariably sweet in word, unintelligible in substance, and vaguely vicious in action.)
Have we met, Elizabeth?

People came to this country for freedom. If they didn't have roads they used God-given rivers, and built them as they could. It was We the People then, and it's we the people now.

I don't believe I know you but I've met you every day. Nor do you know me.

Americans built this country with human capital. That's why we have some left over, for the government, if it's a good one.

And if you don't value human capital and the power of ideas to create wealth and jobs, then I suggest your education was wasted.

Sadly, we'll be paying off you and your friends' leftist legacy for years to come.

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