Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Let's all go over to Schakowsky's house for leftovers

Steve Bartin: Jan Schakowsky: Being Unemployed Better Than Low Wage Texas Jobs 

Listen up: WLS Chicago.

That yes we can ma'am, wham bam the taxpayer, leaving us with little left. RCP has the quotes.

Hey, why don't we all go on the dole. Such a deal.

Better yet, go over to the house of the woman who asked for a tax break for herself.

What's for dinner, Jan. Or is local hero Bob cooking something up.

Not pork again.

I have a better idea. Let's un-employ Jan Schakowsky.

P.S. As you push for another stimulus program, Jan--since it was so GENIUS--why did our President Barack Obama create all those jobs just in Texas. In contrast, Paul Ryan (R-WI) on real tax reform, for jobs and growth: P.P.S. A word in the wake of the Republican NY9 win from former Republican IL9 candidate Joel Pollak, who took on Schakowsky in an amazing race last round.


Adrienne said...

That's one ugly a** house...

Anne said...

Fortress Schakowsky