Thursday, September 29, 2011

Obama Feds Bought Weapons to Sell to Narcoterrorists

Got that? It wasn't just pushing U.S. gun dealers to allow narcoterrorists to buy weapons here--the Obama administration used taxpayer dollars. Obama Justice lied, people died.

Why? Gee, what could be the reason.
If circumstantial evidence, political speeches, and talking points from Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, and President Bush all suggested that the solitary goal of a gunwalking conspiracy was to put American weapons in the hands of criminals in hopes they would commit violent crimes in order to undermine the Constitution and Bill of Rights … the Washington Post columnists would call for impeachment and criminal prosecution each day.
This scandal is cracking wide open, even harming the president's position with Latino voters. Maybe that will get some action from a few Dem Congressmen and the media, but not likely.

We have indications of Gunwalker in the Heartland, just the other day someone tried to hold up a store in Chicago with a grenade.

Obama's Chicago is the epicenter of gun control, its last stand in America, Illinois the only state that doesn't allow concealed carry despite crime stats arguing otherwise.

What's going on here? A failure of the Dems and Obama at their core to confront the truth about the Thug Comfort Zone, that people are responsible for wounding or killing other people--NOT GUNS:
Flash Mobs are what Chicago paper hat journalists are calling squads of black kids doing a beat down on victims -usually 'goofy-looking' white folks, in the words of the early flash mob who nearly beat Ryan Rusch* to death at Beverly Park in 2007.

The Chicago Media helped create the climate, which I have called the Thug Comfort Zone in this blog, in which beneficiaries of 'identity/grievance/entitlement politics' feel very comfortable doing anything. Ironically, more black people have suffered to a greater degree than any other demographic. Black kids get shot, raped, beaten, set-afire, robbed, and force-fed insect repellent - anybody remember Ryan Harris and Little Girl X**? Thought not.

Instead, the Chicago media has done a rhetorical flash mob on law enforcement, the justice system, the courts and especially police officers as human beings. [snip]
In 19th Century Chicago "footpads" were the flash mobs. They were gangs of jackrollers who beat and robbed victims. Back then the victims were drunks and fools wandering about the Levee. Today, a victim is usually . . .anybody.
It's a destructive culture that's terrorizing our cities from the inside--and the poison is spreading.

And this most left administration in American history is so hellbent on nailing the NRA and law-abiding Americans to the wall that it would aid and abet narcoterrorists in an attempt to frame us for the crime.

But it was so incompetent it couldn't even do that.

P.S. Will Holder turn on Obama?

More. NY Post suggests another explanation as well. We need a special prosecutor but who believes Obama/Holder will appoint one....TWS: Obama Justice Dept. being obstructive--this needs to be a campaign issue and come up at the next debate. Yes.

More. Forbes:  "Fast And Furious" Just Might Be President Obama's Watergate

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