Friday, October 14, 2011

Slaying the Giant

"We in the state of Illinois have for too long allowed corporations like Sears to basically shake us down," said State Sen. Michael Noland, (D) Elgin.
Where to start.

Let's just say it's not Sears that saddled our state with ruinous debt.

Granted, it's not a level playing field for small business.

As far as attack the corporations, eat the rich, be careful what you wish for. Enrollment can drop. People can leave. Who will pay the shakedown rates for all the public employees on the public teat, all the double-dipping union boss hogs, even as the state is already raiding charitable earmarks on tax returns and stiffing service providers to the state's most vulnerable.

There's no goose that lays a golden egg. But there's a giant state that steals.

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