Thursday, October 13, 2011

Obama's Making Catholics Mad

Nancy Pelosi more hysterically than usual trots out the calumny against Republicans who respect the wishes of most Americans not to fund abortions. Then there are the unmistakably hostile actions of the Obama administration, suffer the little children on steroids: Obama is alienating Catholic voters:
While other voters have been disappointed by Obama's economic failures and arrogant, ham-handed approach to everything from health care reform to the Solyndra scandal, swing-voting Catholics have special reason to feel betrayed. A candidate who won their support by pledging to respect the religiously grounded views of those with whom he disagrees has morphed into a president whose administration relentlessly attacks religious liberty.
In the past year, Obama's Justice Department has argued in court that defenders of traditional marriage — the most visible segment of which are observant Catholics and bishops — should be regarded in law as the equivalent of racists. His National Labor Relations Board has issued rulings against two Catholic schools, St. Xavier University in Chicago and Manhattan College in New York, saying that they are not sufficiently Catholic to warrant religious exemptions from federal labor law —a stunning breach of the precedent in which religious bodies, not government officials, decide who qualifies as a member of a particular church. Those rulings followed on the heels of a highly publicized crusade by Obama's Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to punish North Carolina's Belmont Abbey College for removing contraception coverage from its employee health plans, a move the Catholic school made to conform to church doctrine.
And just last week, Obama's Justice Department argued before the Supreme Court for the effective gutting of the longstanding "ministerial exception" that allows religious bodies to hire and fire employees without government interference.
As Catholics go, so goes the nation.

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pathickey said...

Where have you been young lady?

You viewers and I have been worried sick.

Now, hand over the keys.

Don't you give me the skunk eye; you had better have a good story.

That's enough of the looks! Start talking.

Anne said...

Just enjoying family and the last of summer

Am taking a break again next week

Then back for those early primaries wrecking the holidays.

Very sad over Sarah, that was part of it too I guess

pathickey said...

Sarah's exit was not too mu h of surprise, though I would have loved to watch her tune-up The One.

As for your explanation . . .here's the car keys . . .next time let us know where you are?!

Anne said...

It's my Mona Lisa move:)