Friday, November 11, 2011

Knockout Game, Chicago Red Line

Chicago Breaking News: Video shows man being punched at Red Line stop amid laughs and taunts

Was it his shirt? Or just his age and vulnerability. Perhaps his dignity.

That's the stop where I used to board after my night MBA classes. It's the main arterial north-south El.

The knockout game. At least we're getting some coverage now.

I've said it before: It's a destructive culture that's terrorizing our cities from the inside--and the poison is spreading.

P.S. Here's KMOV St. Louis yesterday on what's going on there: Victim of ‘knockout game’ attack meets ‘Rescuer Slay’ for the first time Related stories:
More here. TAS' Christopher Orlet here. Website chronicling attacks around the country:

   ---thanks for the recommended read, Pundit & Pundette

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