Friday, November 11, 2011

"Your blood is our paint"

It's Veterans Day, 11/11/11 and the Zucotti Park #OWS anthem is a sick contrast. Not a surprise, with this atmosphere, but still a shock, an EMT worker was assaulted responding to an emergency call there. Don Surber:
Joseph Arthur, a musician-songwriter in Brooklyn, has written an anthem for the Occupy Wall Street crowd. It includes such lyrics as, “Our canvas is freedom/ Your blood is our paint” and “But it will be late/ And long out of fashion/ Strung up you’ll bleed/ Like the pig you became/ A symbol of hatred/ And one with no name/ And our country will come back.” Not exactly I’d like to teach the world to sing in three-part harmony. The song is a long drone, narcissistic to me — almost as if you set our president to music. [snip]

And what you won’t share
Will be ripped from your hands
A sense of entitlement and hatred, even as big gov takes more and more from us all.

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