Tuesday, November 29, 2011

OccupyChicago Shrinks, O Abandons Working Americans

With the winds in the city howling this morning will they slink away soon? Video of the pitiful group.

Sunny LA goes softly, softly but even the leftist Times is getting antsy. Maybe they've seen this kind of thing too often.

NY Times admits The One is kissing off any pretense of being for a big swath of Americans--the little guy.

Pethokoukis on the income-inequality myth, El Rushbo pithy.

P.S. #OccupyUncleBarney

More. In case you missed it:  Obama Keeps Turning His Back on Jobs

...Obama Abandons the Working Class - William McGurn, Wall Street Journal:
...places like Scranton, where the 9.7% unemployment rate is the worst in the state. When the Obama stimulus came, Lackawanna County spent nearly half of the $39 million it received on education, which means teachers. The city has been deemed "finally distressed" for two decades, and just this month the mayor released a new budget that includes a 29% hike in property taxes.
If these citizens weren't bitter before, they sure have reason to be now. For the white working class, the private sector was what gave them jobs and propelled them into the middle class. Yet whether it's drilling for oil or putting up a shopping mall, today's Democratic Party seems opposed to most of the private-sector jobs that deliver opportunity to those without a college degree. [snip]
Above all, the way to win is by asking Americans whether they want a future for their children that looks like Texas and Indiana—or like Michigan and Illinois?
Howling winds.

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