Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Potty-Mouthed CPS Union Head Rips Duncan. Closing the Achievement Gap

Brags of her dope-smoking days in college. More splits on the left over minor reforms. Some sensitivity due to chronic underperformance: CPS fails to close performance gap Black students still losing academic ground despite reforms, study finds 

This is what the teachers' union, core of the Dem party, looks like:

As for the suburbs, don't get smug: Why Beverly Hills Needs School Vouchers

American Public School District, State International Percentile Ranking in Math
Lower Merion, PA 66th
Palo Alto, CA 64th
Plano, TX 64th
Ladue, MO 62nd
Grosse Point, MI 56th
Montgomery County, MD 50th
Shaker Heights, OH 50th
Fairfax, VA 49th
Evanston, IL 48th
White Plains, NY (in Westchester County!) 39th

Then there are the cities: 

American Public School District, State International Percentile Ranking in Math
Miami-Dade, FL 33rd
New York City, NY 32nd
Atlanta, GA 23rd
Chicago, IL 21st
Los Angeles, CA 20th
Baltimore, MD 19th
Cleveland, OH 18th
Milwaukee, WI 16th
Detroit, MI 12th
Washington, D.C. 10th

So take a gander at the Progressive Education Network: (Ayers last seen presumably with buddies nearby at OccupyChicago)
Conference schedule
A note about participation and location of sessions:  All registrants are invited to participate in all general
sessions, which are held in the auditorium. Featured panels are for everyone & are hosted in the auditorium.
The World Café session is for everyone and meets in the New Gym. The workshops are held simultaneously
in many FWP classrooms. Participants choose which workshops they will attend. All meals are served in the

THURS, NOV 10, 2011
8:00-9:00 Registration check-in (in FWP lobby)
9:00 Buses leave FWP for site visits (from front of FWP)
10:00-1:30 Site visits: include class observation, lunch/discussion with teacher & tour
1:30-2:30 Travel back to FWP
2:45-3:45 Debrief for site visits (in FWP Harris Center) 

7:00-8:00 Opening Keynote: “The Power of ‘Modern Day’ Progressive Practice: William Ayers
Interviews John Dewey” (William Ayers & William Schubert)
8:00-9:00 Wine & cheese reception (in the Kupcinet Gallery outside of FWP Auditorium)

November 10-12, 2011
Location: Francis W. Parker School
330 W. Webster Avenue, Chicago, IL
Translation: Obama Ayers Queering your Kids: Screw Math and Science

Many public school kids are getting know where.

How can we close the achievement gap widening in our cities? NRO's Reihan Salam and Tino Sanandaji explore this in the latest issue--it'll take more than reforming the teachers' unions:
The achievement gap is not new, but its impact on U.S. economic performance is growing. The reason for this is simply that the number of minority-group members, in particular Hispanics, as a share of the population is rising.
Yes, the first step is to institute more school choice--and we can't just throw money at the problem:
According to the OECD, the United States currently spends over $1 trillion per year on education, more than 8 percent of its national income. This makes the U.S. the second-highest spender on education among industrialized nations, whether we measure by share of national income or absolute dollars per pupil. Expenditure per pupil in elementary and secondary school is now in excess of $10,000 per year. Adjusted for inflation, this is two and a half times the sum that was spent per pupil in 1970, according to the Digest of Education Statistics. Despite this spending increase, reading and math test scores were virtually flat over the same time period, while, as mentioned above, high-school-graduation rates actually declined.
What's the missing element--the one most parents have figured out for their kids?
Second, interventions should mainly inculcate behavioral norms, not cognitive skills — for example, social skills, an ability to control aggression, and a propensity to follow rules. Such norms are particularly lacking among disadvantaged children from broken homes and neighborhoods with weak social bonds. One reason to focus on these norms and social abilities is that they are far more malleable than cognitive skills, and thus more susceptible to the influence of well-designed educational programs. Moreover, social skills and norms of conduct are as important for success in school and in the labor market as cognitive skills.
Let these children go.

Let all our children go.

The future of America is at risk.


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