Monday, September 27, 2010

Pinkos Protest: FBI Confiscates Postcard from Old Girlfriend

In Jefferson Park, neighbors saw FBI agents carrying boxes from the apartment of community activist Hatem Abudayyeh, executive director of the Arab American Action Network. In addition, Chicago activist Thomas Burke said he was served a grand jury subpoena that requested records of any payments to Abudayyeh or his group.

"The warrants are seeking evidence in support of an ongoing Joint Terrorism Task Force investigation into activities concerning the material support of terrorism," said Steve Warfield, spokesman for the FBI in Minneapolis, where six additional homes were searched Friday.

Warfield said no arrests had been made and that there was no "imminent danger" to the public.

Ross Rice, an FBI spokesman in Chicago, gave the two Chicago blocks where agents had searched homes Friday, but he declined to name the targets.

Melinda Power, an attorney for Weiner and Iosbaker and a longtime friend, said agents took about 30 boxes of papers dating to the 1970s, including a postcard from an old girlfriend of Iosbaker's.
An old girlfriend, hmm. (Was it this woman?!!!!!)

Alleged narcoterrorist FARC tourists, otherwise known as "anti-war activists for social justice" advise friends planning to demonstrate with them in front of the FBI building in Chicago today to "just say no" in response to any further questions from the authorities.

Other coordinated trips to scenic Palestine or thereabouts on a flotilla were merely a "fishing expedition".

Seriously. cards and postcards from old girlfriends.

More. Marathon Pundit. Bill Baar here and here. Related to the above and that last one here.

More from Pat Hickey. The Bill Ayers we all know and love, a flotilla organizer as well. And yes:
Bill Ayers was denied emeritus statues bu University of Illinois following the impassioned statement by Chris Kennedy. Only hours later the FBI were searching the homes of people who just might be linked to terror. Odd that.
And I imagine Mayor Daley wasn't too thrilled to be the target of that random amateur rounded up by Cubs central who boasted he wanted to "shake Chicago"--on Sept. 11th-- and murder the mayor on his next go-round.

The radical left in this town over time became part of the establishment. Barack Obama is the happy face of that.

Is it all unraveling now? Ha. We'll see.

More. Chicago Daily Observer on local media (blowing the) coverage. The Purple Elephant. Let's go on to say SEIU/ACORN branch at the White House. And this, via The Instapundit. New iteration of ACORN just as rotten. Lots to investigate. Remember in November.

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